At BH Education, the health, safety and wellbeing of every student is our paramount concern. The school promotes the welfare of and the safeguarding of all children and young people who use its service.

Rachel Moynes is the DSP (Designated Senior Person) for child protection/safeguarding. The DSP takes the lead responsibility for dealing with child protection issues, provides advice and support for staff and liaises with children’s social care and other agencies.

Behaviour Management

At BH Education, it is important for students to respect others and learn that their behaviour can affect fellow students. Students are given extensive coaching to manage anger and to understand their own feelings as well as to promote their self-esteem.

With special reference to empathy, students are made aware that we do not allow:

  • Bullying – it is always considered a serious offence
  • Aggression – both verbal and physical
  • Damage to property
  • Stealing, drug-taking and drinking alcohol
  • Possession of a knife or any other dangerous implement

For minor matters, they will be given help in putting things right. This could be in collaboration with parents/carers.

We do not deal with matters involving breaking the law; these would be reported to the Police. Our procedures and policies for behaviour will be interpreted to take account of cognitive and communication difficulties in the case of students with severe ASD.

  • Wilful damage will be charged to the student/parents/carers
  • We deplore intimidation and bullying and any cases will be taken seriously and acted upon immediately, following procedures outlined in our behaviour policy
  • The basis of our behaviour system is to reward appropriate behaviour so as to encourage the development of self-discipline
  • Where students are in danger of harming themselves/others/school property, the staff will use positive handling to restrain a pupil. Such actions will be taken in accordance with school policy and guidelines